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Our Distillery

In Franconia, a good meal is topped off with a glass (or two?) of self-distilled spirit - the famous "schnapps".

Our house schnapps are the hobby of our senior manager - a successful hobby, because his creations have already won many awards.

From our distillery we offer the following varieties:

  • raspberry spirit
  • williams christ pear brandy
  • sloe spirit
  • plums brandy
  • kirsch
  • mirabelle brandy
  • walnut spirit

You can not only enjoy our spirits in the restaurant, but also buy 0,7l bottles to take home as a "high spiritual recollection" ...

Erzeugnisse unserer Brennerei

What is a "Geist" (spirit), "Brand" (brandy) or "Wasser" (water)?

By "spirit" ("Geist") we mean distillates in which the fruit (eg sloe or quince) are covered with a neutral alcohol. The alcohol extracts the fruits of the flavors. The mixture of alcohol and fruit is then distilled.

For a "brandy" or "water" ("Brand" or "Wasser") all of the alcohol is produced by alcoholic fermentation: conversion of the fermentable sugar of the fruits under the influence of the yeast to alcohol. The amount of alcohol is dependent on the quality of the fruit. The product is called "water" (eg plum water, cherry water, quince water, etc.) or "brandy" (eg fruit brandy, apple brandy).