The famous "Schäuferla"

Franconian cuisine

Franconian cuisine - home-style cooking at its best - is the specialty of the house, with fresh fish from our rivers and ponds as a culinary highlight. Top this off with our award-winning spirits from our own production - for more information see distillery.

We are happy to entertain larger groups in our Banquet Hall: for weddings, travel groups and family celebrations for up to 70 people we have quite a reputation.


Franconian Specialty: Smoked Trout

Fish Dishes

We would like to highlight our selection of excellent fish dishes, for which our house has already won several awards. Of course, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the products are freshly prepared, and we use, where possible, fish from local waters - trout, carp, pike and catfish. Some dishes of salmon and various sea fish round out our offerings.


Download our up-to-date menu as PDF-File.

Here is a small selection of our daily changing menu:

  • Liver dumpling soup
  • Baden snail soup
  • Helgoland lobster soup
  • Trout fillet with horseradish and toast
  • Ham rolls filled with asparagus on toast
  • Trout of the house in a spicy sauce, boiled potatoes, mixed salad
  • Catfish fillet poached in wine-cream sauce, rice or boiled potatoes, mixed salad
  • King prawns fried, in wine-cream sauce, rice, mixed salad
  • Resengörg skewers with chilli sauce, french fries, mixed salad
  • Baked veal steak with cheese croquettes, mixed salad
  • Tenderloin in Mont-Salvat gravy, hash browns, mixed salad
  • Veal escalope with a cream sauce, noodles, mixed salad
  • Dessert plate of the house
  • homemade cinnamon parfait on Plum Butter
  • baked "Apfelkräpfle" (apple rings) with vanilla ice cream and icing
  • For coffee, we offer a selection of home-made cakes