StorkCam Ebermannstadt

Since time immemorial, there was no stork in Ebermannstadt - until 2007, a pair of storks  took pity and built a nest on the chimney of a brewery. Since then the stork - affectionately called "Ebermar" by the locals - comes with his wife every year and they raise their children here. On the many meadows along the Wiesent river the storks find plenty of food - often you can observe swarms of 10 or more animals.

Watch the storks from our hotel: if you're lucky, you get a seat at the table "Storchenblick" outside in front of the inn, recognizeable by the stork figure on the table. From there - looking up between two houses - you can watch the stork.

Still easier than that - we installed a WebCam:

Aktuelles Bild der Storchencam